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Learn to Divest from diet culture for yourself, for your clients, or with your peers.


No matter the size body you live in, Body Acceptance coaching is designed to educate yourself about societal oppression and how to decenter thinness. These one on one sessions serve as a deep dive into body liberation with guidance on how to apply it in our daily life.


Coaching sessions will reflect on your body's relation to the world around you; including gender, sexuality, race, and economic status.


Meeting with peers invested in Body Acceptance helps build a sense of community. Ingrid leads curated fat liberation groups to answer questions and explore meaningful conversations focused on autonomy by learning about body acceptance, queerness, and anti-racism.

Coaching groups are offered to individuals of all sizes and genders. 


Learn how to support your counseling clients through dismantling diet culture and decolonizing your therapeutic orientations. Consultation is a great way to explore lived experience, discuss barriers in care with their solutions, and body-related transference.

Consultation can be scheduled as needed and is offered to therapists and coaches of any size and gender.

Prices vary on a sliding scale per service. Let's start a conversation!
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